Your Song My Song is an environmental justice-focused children’s entertainment group from the central coast of Oregon that writes music about connecting to the planet. With unique, funky, and original songs and a fully interactive musical show with hundreds of puppets, Your Song My Song celebrates the beauty and bio-magic of the third rock from the sun. Get ready to be inspired to dance and also to take action and claim your roles as integral crew mates here on Spaceship Earth!

Jaime Lee Hart

Vocals and ukulele

Jaime Lee is a musician, actress, and teaching artist in Lincoln City, OR. She studied theater at Oberlin College and has toured nationally and internationally as a mask performer. Jaime has taught theater, dance, and ukulele and loves puppets, sci-fi, 90’s dance music, tea, writing music, documentary theater, sketch comedy, and long days on the river.

Eric Hart

Guitar and bass

From Sacramento, CA, Eric taught in the two-year old room at Step One School in Berkeley, CA for 20 years. He currently teaches private music lessons from his home in Lincoln City, OR. Eric loves being outside in the sun at the beach and just wants to play music, spoil his cat, and eat yummy vegan food all the time.

Rainbow rubin

Violin and vocals

Rainbow Rubin has played violin since she was three and loves singing and playing all types of music including contemporary and classical. She comes from a musical family that includes a string quartet. Rainbow is a mother and is thrilled to introduce her daughters to the world of music.

A. Walker Spring

Drums & vocals

Cohost of Honest Jams songwriting podcast (in which she writes and records a new song each week based on a prompt), recording engineer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Portland, OR (Sallie Ford, Point Juncture, WA, Night Brunch). A. Walker is also a vegan cook who wishes she could prepare a meal for every person on the planet 

Alan Singley


Alan Singley is a musician and songwriter based in Portland, Oregon. He has been deeply involved in music since he was young, having received three Casio synths at ages 6, 7, and 10, which he would use to learn songs by ear.
At age 14, Alan was influenced by Steely Dan's greatest hits and The Beatles' White Album, which helped shape his musical style. He was also impacted by early exposure to Bon Jovi on MTV.
Alan has released many albums under various names, including Alan Singley and Pants Machine, Arrow of Light, Singley Fimbres Orchestra, Anamorphic Orchestra, and Alan Singley Orchestra. He has also taught music for non-profit schools, such as Ethos Music Center and Youth Music Project.
Aside from music, Alan is interested in retro video games and DJs under the name DJ Glow Boat. He is an advocate for dental hygiene and has a preference for cabbage as his favorite food. When it comes to music, Alan cites DEVO, P-Funk, and Kraftwerk as his favorite bands.

Nick jackson

Drums and bass