Jaime Lee and Eric rocked the library this morning! The kids and their parents/caregivers had a great time and we received a lot of positive feedback after their performance. They did a terrific job at managing our very large under 5 crowd. Engaging, entertaining, and fun pretty much sums up this wonderful duo.  A must have for library programs! 

Eric and Jaime are super-talented musicians and wonderful people who have the gift of really seeing kids and bringing out the music in them. They put on a terrific show, and everyone has a blast. Don't miss out on seeing their shows!

We first saw Jaime perform at Studio Grow in Berkeley. Both my children (ages 1 and 3 1/2) were completely engaged during her lively performance. Her songs were interactive and she is a natural with kids. We liked Jaime so much that we hired her and Eric to perform at our daughter's 1st birthday party. Prior to the party Jaime and I corresponded a number of times via e-mail and on the day of the party she and Eric arrived on time and were bright eyed and ready to perform. The children were once again completely mesmerized by the performance! One of the party goers kept waving at Jaime because he recognized her from Studio Grow - it was obvious that he really enjoyed her performance and was excited to see her. The performance was interactive and so much fun for kids and adults alike. We would definitely recommend Jaime and Eric to our family and friends and, we will likely hire them again!

Out in the playground of Berkeley Head Start South, students and teachers alike arranged themselves so they could watch a children’s performer called Jaime. No sooner had she started, when all the children were engaged in listening and acting out the songs they already knew. With big smiles on their faces they all stood up a little later so they could follow Jaime’s motions to more songs that required bigger motions and even some walking around. Being under 5 years, the children were very happy to be on their feet and moving to the music.  A few of the boys were fascinated with her guitar and watched Jamie play and sing up close. Jaime was an excellent children’s performer judging from the smiles and fun everyone was having!

Eric and Jaime are not merely seriously gifted musicians, they are seriously gifted teachers. I don't think I've ever seen two performers who weren't wearing clowns suits interact so easily with large groups of small children.

Fabulous show this morning! Everyone- kids as well as parents had a blast! Kids were up and dancing! Lively and fun! Thanks for getting our day started right! We are looking forward to more shows!!!! Thanks again!

We really loved the energy & spirit that you & Eric brought to Aurora's birthday party, thank you again for helping to make it such a fun day for us! :)

Kids say the darndest things, don’t they? When Your Song My Song performed at the Bahia Centro Vida Children’s Center, Jamie took everyone on an epic adventure and her little adventurers were not shy about playing right along. They sat, leaning forward excitedly, in neat little rows, as they joined Jamie on her ocean journey. From the very beginning their excitement was apparent. Jaime began with a call to attention: “eyes on me, 1-2-3!” and from the back of the room a little voice continued eagerly “4-5-6!” Then it trailed off, realizing that we were in for so much more than a counting game. We started underwater, dancing to a song about discovering new sea creatures. Jaime had everyone mimic jellyfish, seaweed and such with the help of a multitude of colorful scarves waving above their heads. Then we started making animal noises until she stumped us with: “can you guys make whale noises?” There was a moment of silence and then someone guessed “Whale!!!”

From the bottom of the ocean we swam to shore. “Can you guys swim to shore?” Jaime encouraged. “I’m already there!” came the reply of one particularly precocious little boy. We picked up trash along the seashore and sang a song about recycling and then row-row-rowed our boats out to sea for a little while. When we returned to the beach, we ventured into the jungle to encounter elephants and snakes. How many snakes did you find? Jaime asked. “I found 100!” “I found 200!” “I found 900!!!” Apparently there were a lot of snakes. Then we found a lion and practiced lion roars. One little boy down in the front row turned to the little girl next to him and really threw his all into the lion performance, prompting one of the teachers to have to intervene slightly, laughing “¡No te la comes! – Don’t eat her!” After becoming monkeys and singing and dancing to a monkey song, Jamie sang one last goodbye song and the little monkeys became little kids again, falling back into their neat little lines and filing past Jamie on their way out, waving, hugging and chorusing “thank you!” What an adventure indeed!


Our family are Your Song My Song groupies. We've been to the concerts and had Eric and some friends perform at our daughters 5th birthday. They're very talented, energetic, and make sure everyone (adults too) has a great time. We look forward to our next YSMS experience.     

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