Dig the Cosmic Dirt

by Your Song My Song

Released 2016
Released 2016
Meant for kids, but loved by adults, this earthy and off-world musical adventure journeys through funky disco rollerskate jams, spacey dance tunes, and sweet jazzy folk tunes about the environment, growing up, riding bikes, and love.
We create wild imaginative adventures through story and song for the whole family. With covers of classic kiddo tunes, and unique, funky dance-able originals, the music transports you to a world of fun. Take a musical journey with Your Song My Song and sail across the sea, go for a swim and dive deep, rush down wild rivers to hidden islands, bike and hike high in the mountains, see earth from space, enjoy the beauty of the falling leaves in autumn and wander into the pages of your favorite children's stories. Jazzy, funky, folksy, rockin tunes!