Plays music for kids!

We create wild imaginative adventures through story and song for the whole family. With covers of classic kiddo tunes, and unique, funky originals, the music transports you to a world of fun. Take a musical journey with Your Song My Song and sail across the sea, go for a swim and dive deep, rush down wild rivers to hidden islands, hike high in the mountains and wander into the pages of your favorite children's stories.  

Jaime Lee Hart - ukulele and vocals

Jaime is a musician, actress and teaching artist who hails from Gilmanton, New Hampshire. She taught dance to kids for almost 20 years before picking up the ukulele. She has a BA in theatre from Oberlin College and has performed as an actress around the country and toured nationally and internationally. Jaime loves to dance, sing, act, play ukulele, garden, and write songs with kids.

Eric Hart - Guitar and Vocals

Eric Hart has been a teacher at Step One School these past thirteen years. He is from Sacramento, CA and is an avid snowboarder and guitar playing fool. Eric also plays in kid-band sensation, Chuckie-Baby and the Biscuits, as well as Americana Folk-Rock band, Out On The Frontier. Eric is kind, compassionate, laughs easily and has potty-trained hundreds of children. Skills!

Rainbow Rubin - Violin and Vocals

Rainbow Rubin has played violin since she was three and loves singing and playing all types of music including classical and contemporary. She comes from a musical family which includes a string quartet. Rainbow is a mother and is thrilled to introduce her daughters to the world of music.  

Nick Jackson - Drums